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I'm trying not to be fascinated - certainly I'm not obsessed and certainly I'm not thrilled - with things falling apart.


(Author, photo to left, at 18 months.)
The author was born in 1942 in Faraway Village in New England.

I have written, pen on paper or with a typewriter or on computers, almost continuously since I was fourteen years old - letters, email, lectures, papers, school work, books, articles, poetry, fiction, reports, lists, notes, bureaucratic paperwork, case files, memos. I have kept records of my children, besides photos and memorabilia. I kept a medical journal about my infant daughter's first illness, with temperature readings and observations. Later I and doctors would record long transactional medical histories for my son.

Over several long periods, I also kept private journals. In 1968, I typed a daily journal for six months, trying to sort out my life and the tumultous events of that year. In 1975, I kept a journal for five months of residence in England. I wrote a handwritten journal beginning with my second marriage in 1979. That journal took four years to write and eventually reached 1432 pages. Another journal, started in 1975, recorded notes from my intermittent study of sculpture and was written over ten years.

The journals, poems, letters, and a great deal of other material are private and subjective; but such materials do not meet my needs at this stage of my life. I require objectivity now. These blogs assist objectivity by allowing me to write in a pseudonymous public setting, giving me some distance from my thoughts.

Here is what I am doing in my blogs.

In the blog, "Body Parts," I am building, article by article, a socially conservative narrative of my community's life, as viewed at all its levels, from my personal body to the body politic, from my personal health to the health of my community. My comments about my personal body and health are candid. My wife says polite people don't talk about such matters in public; you are forewarned.

In the blog, "Bag of Worms Yet Words," I look at public - in contrast to personal - issues of objectivity.

The blog, "Skin and Bone," reproduces my sculpture notes and continues my observations of public art and public places of heritage.

The blog, "Eighty-Seven Acres," discusses a new project that my wife and I have chosen. We have purchased farmland in West Virginia and will start farming in a few years. As Body Parts is about things falling apart--my body, my life in California--, so Eighty-Seven Acres is about putting life and things back together again.

I revise and rewrite continually. I will try out blog entries. Do they sound right? Are they true? I revise them days or weeks later. I would not suggest that you should return to read revisions; but you might expect that revisions will happen. I understand that this varies from pure blogging, in which journal entries are unedited and usually transactional.

Your comments are welcomed. I hope you do not care who I am. If you do not, you have helped me be objective.

I live in Riverside, California.


Art, books, education, poetry, internet, cosmology, family is the center of my life. Also: friends, ideas especially philosophy, studies of human origins, learning something new and difficult, Galileo, Darwin, and Einstein whom I admire as heros, mountains but not the beach, stars in the desert sky on a clear night. Also: making little movies. See YouTube. I don't care about wine, love Puccini, love my Jaguar S (zoom zoom, oops got a ticket), enjoy genealogy, love rural life, but also love New York City Boston London Edinburgh. I can't abide San Francisco (except, see next). I love historical and revival architecture; favorite buildings include Union Station in Los Angeles, Grand Central Station in New York City, quiet Wren neighborhood churches in London, Salisbury Cathedral, England. The Mission Inn in Riverside - personal favorite - is the most important, under-appreciated historic revival building in California. I enjoy some modern architecture, esp. St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco. I appreciate religion. I miss my relatives and friends in New England, my children in New York City and Seattle. I have hope.