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  • From Wordsworth's "The Prelude" ----------
    Enough of humble arguments; recall,/ My song! those high emotions which thy voice/ Has heretofore made known; that bursting forth/ Of sympathy, inspiring and inspired,/ When everywhere a vital pulse was felt,/ And all the several frames of things, like stars,/ Through every magnitude distinguishable,/ Shone mutually indebted, or half lost/ Each in the other's blaze, a galaxy/ Of life and glory. In the midst stood Man,/ Outwardly, inwardly contemplated,/ As, of all visible natures, crown, though born/ Of dust, and kindred to the worm; a Being,/ Both in perception and discernment, first/ In every capability of rapture, Through the divine effect of power and love;/ As, more than anything we know, instinct/ With godhead, and, by reason and by will,/ Acknowledging dependency sublime.

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    This week's featured blog is "Bag of Worms Yet Words". Bag of Worms is not an easy read. The proprietor is not chatty, witty, or cynical; he does not seek to ridicule his ideological opponents. Instead he treats them and the argument seriously and respectfully, which is not to say that he worries a whit about hurting somebody's feelings. Instead, he bravely goes where the argument points him, which is often into territory others have ignored or are too timid to enter. The left's intelleltual elites, "the professoriat," the pundits, and the liberal judiciary are frequent subjects of his musings. Broad, deep, and ambibitious is the range of the topics he addresses: language theory, law, academia, politics, social theory, religion. The effort he puts into his thinking and writing pays off.

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March 21, 2005


I'll take the bait because I find your take on things plausible & interesting. Let's agree: analogies may or may not work in establishing ontological status. [I think that's what they call an "intuition pump."] Numbers don't exist & neither does Santa Claus, but I can't prove anything specific about either by talking about the other. "The social sciences should provide an opportunity for new ways of thinking about values as objective": you astutely used the more modest term "opportunity" (I notice you also threw in "should").
Are you using the term "rational" (as in "rational discussion of values") in the same sense as you would in a case of "rational discussion of geographic location"? Can we say a member of a warrior culture (where a bar mitzvah involves murder) is irrational in the way someone who thinks California is near Pittsburgh is irrational? Or is there some slippage in the relationship between truth, evidence & justified belief?
Terrific site, kudos.

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