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    Ron is a founder and owner of Lucknow Farms.
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Deep Plowing

Earthbound Farm Food Stand

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    Lessons in marketing

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    West Virginia Farm for Sale, Spring 2007.


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    A new market in the California city's civic center

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June 10, 2007


My name is Luis Monge, I am responsible for the Dole Organic Program website and I found your comment very interesting.
We are currently working on the BETA (second) version of the website and will try to make the improvements you refer to.
I agree with most of them, we need to provide a more complete history about each farm, it is not easy but we will do it.
Our intend is to CREATE that link between you and the farm, so we need to provide the information you need to make that link with the origin of your bananas.

Please keep visiting us at doleorganic.com and if you feel you need some more information about a farm or more ideas that could help us to improve this "service" please let me know.

Kind regards from Costa Rica
Luis Monge
Regional Certification Officer
Organic Program
Dole Fresh Fruit International, Ltd.

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