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Farm to be auctioned

Farm to be auctioned

Update. May 18, 2007. The property auctioned on May 12, 2007 by contract for $624,000, or $4425/acre. The buyer intends to keep the land in farming.

Here is the real estate listing of the property before the auction:

141 acres close to a freeway exit. Will this land remain in farming?

In shooting this photo album, I was interested in four issues--to document the cessation of farming (hopefully not permanent) on this land; to study the relationship between the farm in its final stage of abandonment and the lay of the land; to study the formal geometry (lines, angles, corridors, vistas, etc.) uniting the artifacts of farming strewn about the farm core; to puzzle out the personality of the farmer (whom I have not met and assume to be a man).